Our Team






Acton Academy Jacksonville is very fortunate to have Leah as a consultant for our Studios. Leah is a homeschooling mom of 2, natural learning advocate, Master teacher, speaker, author, and the founder of Your Natural Learner. She has over 15 years of experience educating and working with children of all ages, from infancy to college years. She has two Masters of Education degrees as a Reading Specialist, K-12 certification, and Curriculum and Instruction Design. She has been running her own natural education business for 6 years, and has worked with hundreds of families and educators around the world to totally transform the way they look at the learning process and the way they teach their children. She had originally gone into teaching to reach as many children as she could… and now she’s truly found a way to stretch that audience than one classroom at a time. She absolutely loves what she does. Her greatest joy comes from hearing from parents and educators experiencing children’s AHA! moments when something they’re excited about finally connects. When she’s not designing her next online course or writing content for her followers, she finds the time to enjoy the Pacific Northwest outdoors with her husband and her two boys, planning the next big family vacation.



Prior to founding Acton Academy Jacksonville, Mary was a dental practitioner, graduating from Boston University in 2002. She decided to stay home after her son was born. After experiencing shortcomings in her son’s education, she was led to finding the best schooling method, actively researching different learning styles in children, and progressive educational models, when she stumbled upon Acton Academy. She was convinced that this was the best method in education, focusing on the children and knew she wanted to extend her passion for a tailored, individualized, collaborative approach from healthcare into education. She answered the call to go on her Hero’s Journey to learn more about the approach that resonated strongly with her and her son by participating in the program A Reggio Emilia approach to Early Childhood Education offered by Lesley University in Cambridge, MA.
Mary is back to practicing dentistry and is thrilled to be an integral part of Acton Academy Jacksonville. She knows that in Acton Academy Jacksonville, children will have the experience of learning in a way that will maximize their full potential and aid them in finding their true calling in life to change the world. She is committed to making this a place where each child is excited, challenged, celebrated and championed.