No Perfect Parenting – from the Ordinary to the Heroic

No Perfect Parenting – from the Ordinary to the Heroic

Heroes aren’t perfect. They don’t have superpowers. Heroes are ordinary people who do extraordinary things because they refuse to quit, blame others or lash out when things get hard. This is as true for parents as it is children.

Rather than seeing parenting as a style or type, we see the experience of being parents as a journey. All parents get to make a choice to move from ordinary parenting to extraordinary living – what we call “heroic parenting.” This choice transforms family life from a stressed out, barely-hanging-on experience to one that is rich, meaningful and fun.

Being a heroic parent is a call to action.

As a caveat, I am an ordinary parent who is choosing a hero’s journey. As always, these lessons are for me, too.

Lesson #1: Heroic parents are learners. Ordinary parents have already gone to school.

This mindset changes everything. As a learner, I become a better listener, a curious seeker and an active player in daily life. My children are no longer vessels to fill and mold but mysterious wonders from whom I can discover great truths – even about myself. As a learner, I engage equally with my children in problem-solving, planning, even playing.

Joseph Campbell described living the hero’s journey as a life lived in self-discovery. What a wondrous twist on parenting.


-guest post by Laura Sandefer

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