2017 Session 2, Week 3

2017 Session 2, Week 3

Halloween week has officially come and gone! We hope everyone had a safe and fun time with loads of sweet treats!

With the excitement of spending Halloween together and the following energy crash, we saw a change in our Heroes this week. Energy was high, but intention was noticeably low. Goals were not tracked, the Contract was not being abided by, and Hero Bucks seemed to fly through the studio and back to the bank. It was clear that frustration and tension were building between Heroes, and the Guides had their first real opportunity to step back and wait.

The waiting is difficult. We want so much to relieve children of struggle, but what service does that provide? A short term “bandage”, rather than long-lasting strength, grit, and communication skills. So, we waited and watched. We observed with curiosity to see how the Heroes would work their conflicts out. While the week overall was more chaotic than usual, it also sprouted conversations and ideas about what works and what doesn’t. It brought two Heroes together to make a written agreement. Both of whom showed great pride on Friday when they reflected and noticed that they had kept their words and resolved the conflict together.

Yes, the waiting is difficult, but our patience is rewarded. Not every week, day, or hour will be the same. There is constant fluctuation on the spectrum between moments of smooth-running and lessons learned.  It is a gift and honor to meet each other each day and know that the Heroes and Guides are growing and learning together.


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