2017 Session 2, Week 2

Session 2, Week 2

This week, our Heroes on the Survivor Quest dove into the importance of clean water and how to collect and filter it. Our learners spent the week researching the water cycle, discussing water ownership and usage laws, and building solar stills and water filtration systems.
Our older Heroes began writing early drafts of poems they will publish at the end of the session. They are thrilled to know that their work will be posted here on the blog for you all to read; be on the lookout for it in three weeks!

In all the excitement, certainly the highlight of the week was our first field trip! Our Heroes were met at a local park by a former Green Beret, who showed them the ins and outs of some of our most useful local plant life. The Heroes tasted a variety of edible plants, brainstormed uses for common foliage, and even collected some centuries-old artifacts that might help with their Fire Challenges. We’ll see how they put their new tools to use!

In the upcoming week, we are looking forward to an exciting Tuesday . . . you never know who will show up to school on Halloween!!

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