2017 Session 2, Week 1

Session 2, Week 1

Back in action! After our first session break, we were back this week to begin the Survivor Quest. Over the course of five weeks, the Acton Jax Heroes will learn, build, and demonstrate skills they could use to survive in the wilderness.

This week, we also started settling into a shift in the daily schedule. Before the break, we noticed a natural separation occurring between our Heroes. To better serve the needs of the learners, we are trying a split schedule this session. In this way, we are better able to serve the developmental and educational needs of the younger Heroes, who are bridging the gap between the Atelier (pre-primary) and Explorer (primary) studios. Throughout the week, we started observing how the shift affects the studio. So far, we’ve noticed it also gives the older Heroes a chance to grow into challenges that do not yet suit the younger travelers.

We enjoy the opportunity this learning community provides to maintain flexibility. The Heroes are quickly building foundations of communication and autonomy to support their innate curiosity. They also took their survival knot-tying skills home to teach their parents!

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