Welcome Back to Acton Jax!

We’re back! We took a summertime hiatus, but we have returned with the first session of the 2017-18 school year under our belts. Thank you to all our followers for your continued patience and support; we are excited to get back in contact with you!

Acton Jax started this school year with a small cohort of four learners between the ages of four and nine years. Our first session together was quite a whirlwind. This year, our goal is to post at least once a week to this blog. However, since we are started a few weeks late, I’ll recap the first session here:

Wow! Our first week together was just three days long, and I’m not sure the Heroes (learners) were completely convinced that they were spending their time at school. Isn’t school meant for sitting still? Shouldn’t we be reviewing last year’s material? Where is the homework?! At Acton Jax, week one was devoted solely to “building the tribe”. In other words, we familiarized ourselves with the Acton systems and processes, and strengthened the bonds of support between Heroes with team-building exercises and specific communication techniques. The result was a lip-dubbed music video shot in a single take by our new troop of travelers!

By the fifth, and final, week of the session, our Heroes had done some great work. They faced challenges, like Hurricane Irma, and made incredible strides in ownership and initiative. One afternoon, I overheard a meeting called by a Hero who was concerned that he and his Fellow Travelers were not keeping the promises they had made to each other to keep the school running smoothly. Not long after, we experienced our first day of “Lord of the Flies” level chaos and discovered in our reflections that we feel much more satisfied at the end of a day spent working as hard as we play. Finally, our Heroes planned and executed their first exhibition, where they spent the evening giving their parents a “tour” through what they’d learned and created over the first five weeks. The evening concluded with a Contract Signing Ceremony and a pizza dinner served by the Heroes.

From parents, we heard that children are returning home energized and excited, rather than with post-school exhaustion. On our way out last Friday, one child said he was going to miss school over the break. Yes, you read that right: he said he would miss attending school. As a guide, I hope that with hard work, dedication, and a willingness to make adjustments, our families will find those joyous moments only growing in frequency.

Stay tuned for our next exciting session. . . the next Quest is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

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