A Project in Geography

A Project in Geography

There is something that kids love about getting their hands in playdough, so how about teaching them geography with an activity that encompasses dough, painting, and learning? This project allows them to learn about the various landforms that cover each continent.

They start by making the dough, placing it on the continent and painting the various landforms. Learning the geography of various continents along the way. The best part is, they can proudly display their creations and continue to learn form them. A solid grasp of the world is essential as they learn in the 21st century.

The finished salt dough map is absolutely beautiful. Months spent in carefully sculpting the hills and valleys as well as the technique in painting created this breathtaking masterpiece.

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2 cups of salt

2 cups of flour

3⁄4 cup of water

Mix equal parts flour and salt together to make the salt dough. Mix just enough water to create a dough that is a Play-doh-like consistency.

Place the dough on the cardboard and shape into the outline. When you’re finished, you can build the dough up to depict mountains and valleys, using a topographical map as a guide.


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